Local pastor hosts leadership conference

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ROCHESTER, N.Y. – JauQuema T. Jones, CEO of Freedom to Flourish and Pastor of Waging War Ministries hosted the first “Own Your Growth” Leadership Conference on Friday and Saturday at the Rochester Airport Marriott.

The “Own Your Growth” Leadership Conference is a call to action for effective leadership; to ignite and empower leaders in Rochester.

Jones believes that everyone possesses influence, the question is how we utilize it and influence from the wrong source breeds fear and anger within our communities.

“As an effort to counter these social norms, I am working to empower our community to lead with excellence, be it as a mother, father, uncle, CEO, team lead, or entrepreneur. Rather than focusing on platforms or exciting positions, our efforts should be centered on character building and leadership development. Sustainable and healthy communities are built on effective leadership development that centers around the individual’s identity, not their position,” said Jones.

The focus is to empower young people by providing leadership training and character development, so they can thrive in their own environment.