Local pizza shop prepares for their busiest day of the year

ROCHESTER, N.Y. – Super Bowl Sunday is finally here, and that means one thing for our local pizzerias: Get as many pizza orders out the door, and into every Super Bowl party on time. News10NBC visited Mark’s Pizzeria in Fairport to find out what it’s like for them hours before kick-off.  

Super Bowl Sunday is one of those days that’s actually circled on the calendar for pizza restaurants. For most of them, it’s actually the busiest day of the year. 

Company Vice President Mark Parina tells News10NBC “We’ve been prepping all week. Lot of the guys getting the boxes done ahead of time, and things like that.” 

Like a well-tuned assembly line, pizza orders come in every few minutes, and the order is made before it’s delivered, or picked up for parties celebrating the Super Bowl. Parina said today is all hands-on deck. 

“Sometimes Halloween could be just as busy depending on what day it falls on, but Super Bowl is the busiest typically,” said Parina. 

Making pizza is quite simple, but on a day like today, pizza restaurants face some challenges. 

“Everybody wants the food right around the same time. Right around kick off, so that’s our biggest obstacle, is trying to make sure that we can service everybody. So, we took some extra precautions, and we just prep up as much as we can, so we can pump out all these pizzas right around that time,” said Parina. 

On a day like today it’s all about the numbers. 

“All across the chain, we’re going to sell over 4,000 pizzas. We sell a little over three tons of chicken wings. So yeah, it’s a lot. About 250 pounds a store. Over 250 pounds a store,” said Parina. 

He went on to says most of the pizza orders are simple, mostly cheese and pepperoni. 

“Right before the rush starts, we’ll try to just sauce, and cheese a bunch of pizzas so we can throw the toppings on when the customer’s order and get them out. We give the customers like a 15 minute window on either side of their desired time. About half the customers will call ahead and pre order,” said Parina. 

He finished by saying the best part of the day is having employees willing to work. 

“It’s kind of a badge of honor. You try to see how many you can do, and everybody, people talk about it for years. Even former employees will come back and talk about Super Bowl,” said Parina.