Local ‘Swiftie’ with Stiff Person Syndrome describes seeing Taylor Swift in concert

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ROCHESTER, N.Y. — Madeline Shanley, who News10NBC profiled about her experience with stiff person syndrome, was finally able to go back to a Taylor Swift concert after listening to her every day since her diagnosis back in 2018.

After her diagnosis, her disease quickly progressed and Madeline wears headphones because she is sensitive to sound. She loves the music of Taylor Swift and has used it by slowly increasing the volume over time to tolerate more noise.

The “Swiftie” has been to two of her concerts before but that was before her diagnosis. Three days ago, she was able to go to the Era’s Tour in Pittsburgh.

“It was amazing, it was incredible,” Madeline said. “I don’t think I could put it into words. I just didn’t think I’d ever be able to see her again. I thought that was it, I was dying. And I had some soreness in my legs, my back, my feet, my neck. That’s pretty debilitating. But I got through it. I’m getting through it still. I’m still paying for it. But it was so worth it.”

Although Madeline is still recovering, she has high hopes of doing other things in the future she once thought were no longer possible.