Local woman shares more photos of lost teddy bear, hoping to find owner

UPDATE: Laurie LoMonaco Newman shared these new photos of the teddy bear she found while driving in Greece. She hasn’t found the bear’s owner yet but is trying to get the word out.

GREECE, N.Y. — A local woman is on a rescue mission. She found a lonely teddy bear on the side of a busy road and is now on the hunt for the owner.

Laurie LoMonaco Newman and her husband were driving down Route 104 in Greece when they saw Teddy on the side of the road. It was too unbearable for them to see, and they had to reunite him with his person.

Laurie pulled a U-turn right away and rescued Teddy from the shoulder. The two thought a young child must have dropped him out of the car and had no way of telling their parents.

“Teddy looks, he’s missing his nose actually — so yeah, I would say Teddy was definitely well loved,” Laurie said.

Laurie started a Facebook post to help find Teddy’s owner that day. It started with just a picture of Teddy on the side of the road. And then one of Teddy in her truck.

“But I knew where I was going to start going with the pictures, and honestly my brain hasn’t stopped since,” Laurie said.

Laurie has been uploading pictures of Teddy ever since, and he’s been busy! Working with the chickens, lounging by the pool — and of course, he’s got to eat!

“Yesterday morning, I don’t know, it might have had 150, 200 shares, maybe a little bit more,” Laurie said.

As of early Tuesday afternoon, Laurie’s post had almost 12,000 shares.

If you want to be the bearer of good news and reunite Teddy with his little person, you can email me at rebekka.fifield@whec and I can contact you with Laurie.