Rochester area schools and residents prepare for extreme cold

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ROCHESTER, N.Y. – The Superintendent of the Fairport School district, Brett Provenzano, has this message for kids and families. He says the cold weather is nothing new to them, but with temperatures and the wind-chill plummeting, he wants to be prepared.

“The earlier you can get the message out the better,” says Provenzano. “Obviously, you just want to make sure you are informed and choosing all the resources at your disposal.”

His number one priority: keeping students safe, especially those who walk to school or wait at bus stops.

He hasn’t decided if the school will be canceled, he says it’s still too early. 

Provenzano: “You know sometimes the technology is so good, umm there’ll be a shift in the weather pattern and it just won’t get quite to those thresholds. And that’s the case even though they are predicting the frigid temperatures. We want to make sure that we are accurate and timely in our decision-making.”

Augustin: “So when will the district decide?” 

Provenzano: “We’re up early making sure that the weather patterns are holding true or are they shifting so there’s still time. We are not there yet.”

He has these recommendations for parents to protect kids while traveling to school in these frigid temperatures.

Provenzano: “Bundle up, you have to make sure you are ready for those extremities. Your boots, your gloves, multiple layers.”

Pediatrician Elizabeth Murray agrees with the Superintendent and says safety is first and foremost. She also has a reminder for pet owners to keep their fur babies warm and fuzzy.

“Pets are part of the family,” says Dr. Murray. “We want to make sure that are safe and okay as well.”

Maddie Cruver is thinking ahead and plans to keep her three-year-old labordore Monty indoors all day. 

“That’s actually why we are out right now,” says Cruver. “We’ve already planned he’s probably not going to get outside very much. I’m trying to get a big long walk in now.”