Union representing URMC workers will hold informational picket on Monday

Informational picket planned for Monday at URMC

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ROCHESTER, N.Y. — The union representing caregivers and service workers at the University of Rochester Medical Center will hold an informational picket outside of the Strong Memorial Hospital emergency room.

The union vice president says they will be out with their signs from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. on Monday trying to make their voices heard and working to educate the public about the ongoing labor dispute.

The vice president of the 1199SEIU union, Tracey Harrison, says that the workers are fighting for a fair contract.

This includes fair living wage increases and a quality comprehensive benefits package to help recruit and retain workers. He says that right now, if you’re a new hire and get a “pay grade 23,” that means you make $15.45.

The union is fighting to make that $19.70 — enough, they say, to sustain a family of two adults and one child.

“They’re going to be outside. The weather is typical for Rochester. It’s not the warmest. But this issue is so extreme, it’s so important, that folks are willing to forego their breaks and lunches, come in after work or before work, just to be part of this process so that their voice can be strongly heard. So that’s really what’s going to be going on during that period of time,” Harrison said.

During the picket, the union also has plans to march to the University of Rochester president’s office to deliver a petition to “call on the president to do what’s right.”