Looking into the proposed 2024 county budget

2024 County Budget

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ROCHESTER, N.Y. – Monroe County Executive Adam Bello presented his proposed 2024 county budget on Tuesday.

The $1.4 billion spending plan includes $20 million more for the sheriff’s office and half a million dollars to install more electric vehicle charging stations at county-owned facilities.

Bello had a lot of good things to say about how he wants to spend taxpayer money. He says this is the first time in 22 years that the tax levy, or amount collected through taxes, will stay the same at a little more than $430 million dollars.

He also touted the proposed tax rate, which is almost 25% less than what homeowners paid in 2020. If the budget gets passed by the legislature, homeowners will pay $6.65 per thousand, which is a little less than this year. It’s one of the lowest tax rates in county history.

“We’ve lowered the tax rate every year by twenty-six cents in 2021, by seven cents in 2022, and by 90 cents last year. This time, the tax rate is going to go down by another ninety-one cents,” Bello said.

The county executive also says the proposed $1.4 billion 2024 budget will invest more into public safety. If it is approved by the legislature, $20.5 million will be added to the sheriff’s office budget. It will pay for additional deputies in all three road patrol zones, the traffic enforcement unit and the community engagement unit.

Bello also plans to increase funding to the office of probation, specifically to support the Juvenile Enhanced Diversion Stabilization, or JEDS program.

“It’s a joint effort between the county’s Department of Public Safety and Office of Probation and Community Corrections. This program expedites court appearances for juveniles and provides intensive supervision and support services as they wait for their court hearings. The results have been exceptional, with a 50% drop in the recidivism rate among enrolled youth. My budget includes an increase of nearly one and a half million dollars for the Office of Probation to support these efforts,” Bello said.

The Monroe County Legislature will vote on this budget on December 12.