Man and woman arrested in connection to death of Genesee Sheriff’s Sgt. appear in court Tuesday

BATAVIA, N.Y. – We are trying to understand and learn what happened inside Batavia Downs Gaming that led to the arrest of a man and woman and what happened that caused the death of the Sgt. who was trying to arrest the woman.

We think we’ll be able to find some of those answers when the two suspects are in Batavia court Tuesday afternoon.

Michael Elmore is charged with aggravated manslaughter, aggravated assault on a police officer and burglary.

Lindsey Wilcox is charged with attempted assault and burglary.

Cell phone video captures one arrest outside Batavia Downs early Sunday morning. Other video shows more conflict between groups of people outside the front doors.

Batavia police haven’t said what started the problem although they say Elmore and Wilcox were asked to leave the casino before the incident.

Moments before the scenes captured on video, Genesee County Sheriff’s Sergeant Thomas Sanfratello was trying to arrest Wilcox when police say she and Elmore started to assault the Sgt.

Police say the Sgt. tried to use his tazer.

Then, police say, Sgt. Sanfratello lost consciousness, and despite CPR, he died.

“There have never really been an issue. People are usually good natured here and having fun,” said casino customer Gary Reuter.

Police have not revealed what caused the Sgt.’s death.

Sanfratello’s family asked for privacy and wrote, “He will be remembered as a loving father, son, brother and sheriff and will be greatly missed by all that knew him.”

The two suspects are in jail right on bail. They’re scheduled to be in Batavia Town Court Tuesday afternoon at one o’clock and NEWS10NBC will be there to cover the court hearing.