Man charged with kidnapping and strangling woman in Newark

NEWARK, N.Y. — A man is charged with kidnapping a woman from her apartment, strangling her, and stealing her car in Newark.

Newark Police arrested Chad McDonald for the domestic violence case that happened on Jan. 7. Officers say McDonald came into the victim’s apartment, punched her in the head several times, and took her phone from her. Police say McDonald then forced her out of her apartment, into her car, and drove off with her inside.

According to police, during the kidnapping, McDonald pulled the woman by the hair and put both hands around her neck. Police also say that McDonald threatened to kill the woman and demanded her shoes after she tried to escape the car. The woman was finally able to escape the car when it briefly stopped and she ran from it. Police say that’s when McDonald drove off.

Cayuga County Sheriff’s deputies found McDonald at his residence two days after the kidnapping and they turned him over to Newark Police. In addition to kidnapping, McDonald is charged with robbery, grand larceny, and strangulation. He also had an outstanding warrant for assault in connection with an earlier domestic violence incident. He was arraigned in Wayne County.