Man said his grandson was helping a friend when he was killed in Inner Loop hit-and-run

ROCHESTER, N.Y. — The family of a Canadian man killed in a hit-and-run in Rochester over the weekend is mourning his death.

Their message to the driver? Turn yourself in.

We are hearing from the grandfather of Anthony Trayner. The family said Trayner was trying to help a friend in need when he was killed.

Family members say Trayner was attending a friend’s wedding in Rochester over the weekend. Early Sunday morning he was on the Inner-Loop downtown when he was killed in a hit and run.

“You get this call coming in a few days later that your grandson does not exist no more,” said Andre Blier, the grandfather of Anthony Trayner.

He says their whole family is still in shock that he will no longer come home.

“He’s gone off this Earth so it’s a shock,” Blier said. “It’s a shock for everybody for mom, dad, sister, cousins, everybody who knows him they are still all stunned from it.”

Trayner was hit and killed early Sunday morning between Scio Street and Joseph Avenue exits on the inner loop.

The driver took off. His family says he was trying to help a friend when he was hit.

“Anthony did what he usually does, got out of the car to get his buddy out of the way and he’s the one who paid for it but no you couldn’t have asked for a better person,” Blier said.

Trayner was a member of the deaf community and from Windsor, Ontario in Canada. He attended RIT in 2021 and he graduated with a bachelor’s degree in finance

A statement from the National Technical Institute for the Deaf President Gerry Buckley says:

“NTID is a community that cares deeply for its members. The loss of Anthony is one that we all feel deeply as we grieve with his family and sister during this difficult time. We will be there for one another.”

Buckley says Anthony studied abroad as part of the fall 2019 RIT International Business Program while at RIT, joining business students from around the world at RIT Croatia. His family is now pleading for those responsible to come forward.

“If you were a stranger to Anthony, he would have stopped. He would have went and helped you and cared for you. You can not just hit him, go home and think that nobody would know,” Blier said.

Right now, no funeral or memorial service arrangements are available at this time.

State police are still looking for information on the driver who hit Trayner and left the scene. If you do know anything about this, you are asked to 911.