Mark Assini speaks out against Less is More parole law

ROCHESTER, N.Y. — Republican leaders are speaking out against New York State’s Less is More parole law.

Senate Minority Leader Rob Ortt joined Mark Assini, candidate for Monroe County Executive, to announce a proposal to repeal the law. Under Less is More, the state can’t hold parolees for technical violations like missing curfew or testing positive for drugs.

Advocates say the law enhances safety through incentives and keeps people out of prison. Ortt and Assini say it puts victims, their families, and communities at risk.

“One out of every four murders last year through September one out of every four was a parolee,” Assini said.

“If you really care about social justice, you should care about the victims of these crimes, because I don’t think that’s justice to create more victims,” Ortt said.

A statement from Monroe County Executive Adam Bello’s campaign says: “Adam Bello does not and has never supported Less is More. There is no stronger champion for public safety in Monroe County than Adam Bello.”