Mayor asks drivers to slow down after 100 crashes in 1″ of snow last week

Winter Driving

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ROCHESTER, N.Y. – There were more than 100 car crashes in Rochester after the first snowfall of the season last week. On Wednesday, Mayor Malik Evans wanted to talk about it with News10NBC.

Mayor Evans is concerned about what’s going to happen during the next significant snowfall. He met reporters at the city’s salt barn on Mount Read Boulevard.

Buffalo got walloped with lake effect snow on November 28. Rochester never got anything near that total however, with barely one inch of snowfall here, Rochester recorded more than 100 crashes in the city and close to 200 around the county in the span of six hours.

“I was out on the roads that day and I witnessed individuals speeding, going faster than 30 miles per hour. Even though there wasn’t that much snow and thankfully of those 100 accidents, none of them were serious, but there were a lot of fender benders. A lot of people calling their insurance companies because they did not slow down,” Mayor Evans said.

The mayor is asking drivers to slow down and to not tailgate.

“And also don’t forget that one in four people in Rochester do not own a car. So there are lots of walkers when it’s snowing outside. So we want to make sure that the folks taking the bus and walking, that we are mindful of those. Drivers speeding in icy and snowy conditions is extremely dangerous,” he said.

The city plows streets if there is three inches of new snow. It plows sidewalks if there is four inches of snow.

You can see when a city snow plow will arrive on your street here.