MCC club protesting long guns on campus suspended

BRIGHTON, N.Y. — The club protesting long guns on the Monroe Community College campus has been suspended.

This comes after the college granted peace officers access to long guns.

On Monday, the Young Democratic Socialists of America protested against the guns, arguing the weapons are intimidating and unnecessary.

The Student Government Association says the club violated the student code of conduct and other policies. The group was given a number of steps it must take to avoid being de-chartered.

The Young Democratic Socialists of America issued the following statement Friday:

“On Tuesday, MCC and the Student Government Association (SGA) made the unprecedented and anti-democratic decision to suspend our club within 24 hours of levying allegations. This was done with no due process, over one peaceful assembly. This is incredibly disappointing considering the protest meant to question how undemocratically the decision to arm Public Safety with patrol rifles was made. Yet, even our actions to bring that to light are punished. The MCC YDSA is easily one of the most active and engaged clubs on campus, but unfortunately SGA is moving to de-charter us by Feb. 27th. If MCC is a college dedicated to democracy and free speech, they will reinstate us immediately.”