MCC considering equipping peace officers with long guns

BRIGHTON, N.Y. — Monroe Community College is considering equipping security staff on campus with long guns.

The measure was introduced during the college’s September town hall.

At a MCC Board of Trustees meeting on Monday, school officials said having officers with patrol rifles would allow for a swifter, more effective response if someone intending to do harm comes on campus. They say they’ve learned from other incidents around the country that seconds count.

“The handguns that we’re equipped with (are) effective from 20 to 30 yards. If you had a long gun or rifle you’re talking hundreds of yards with a very high degree of accuracy. So when you think about our open spaces, when you think about our long hallways, that’s what comes into play with these conversations,” said MCC Public Safety Chief Stephen Wise.

According to MCC officials, officers would not carry the guns. They would be kept in a secure location where officers could get them in an active shooter or mass casualty situation.

No decision will be made until the community finishes providing input, according to MCC President Deanna Burt-Nanna.