MCSO: Home health aide arrested after abusing 6-year-old child with health issues

Home health aide accused of abusing child with special needs

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ROCHESTER, N.Y. — A local home health care nurse is facing disturbing accusations of child abuse.

Nicole Guilds is accused of physically and verbally abusing a special needs child she was hired to watch, in the child’s Penfield home.

Deputies are worried there could be more victims. They want to get the word out, on the chance that other families who employed Guilds, noticed anything suspicious.

She’s charged with endangering the welfare of an incompetent or physically disabled person, and harassment.

Deputies say the 6-year-old child has various health issues that require 24/7 care, which is why the family initially hired Guilds to help out. Officials says the parents had concerns, and then checked home surveillance footage. 

They were disturbed by what they saw.   

Deputies say there were at least five different occasions in a one-month period, of physical and verbal abuse. On December 6, the child’s parent came forward to report it.

Details are limited, but News10NBC is working on getting the full criminal complaint.

Deputy Brendan Hurley says he doesn’t want to share too much, ahead of a trial. But he did give News10NBC an idea of what went on inside the house.

“Instances of grabbing the child by the arms, throwing on the ground, there’s slamming his head into a chair, while he’s sitting there, and just horrible things — especially to a vulnerable, a 6-year-old for one, but one with so many health issues, its just disturbing,” says Hurley.

Guild was released from Penfield Town Court, with a stay away order of protection on behalf of the family. 

She was released with an appearance ticket.

Again, deputies say if you are a parent, and you suspect your child may be a victim, please call 911.