Mild weather makes getting home for the holidays easier

Mild weather helping holiday travel

Mild weather helping holiday travel

ROCHESTER, N.Y. – A white Christmas is not in the forecast but that was good news for travelers moving through the airports on Saturday.

Outside of a few delays, there were mostly happy travelers passing through the Frederick Douglass Greater Rochester International Airport.

Diana Dentino said that she is just glad to have made it to her destination on time to spend the holidays with her young grandchild.

“It’s our second Christmas and we are looking forward to being with the family. Celebrating. Second Christmas, and still no snow. Sorry about that. What are we going to do about that,” Dentino said.

Without the usual winter weather, Dentino said her trip from Chicago to Rochester was smoother than usual.

“Considering the busy time of year, it was a very easy flight,” Dentino said.

Unseasonably warm temperatures throughout the country made for easier travel for most, but rain was still a factor.

Maddie Franz was back in Rochester for a two-week visit from college. Her flight from Denver to Rochester took longer than expected

“I did have delay because there was some like, fog, I flew through Midway and they had like, restrictions on visibility because they have a short runway so I had some delays there,” Franz said.

She was determined to make sure weather didn’t get in her way.

“Tonight, we are going to the Roc Holiday Village. My mom really likes it, so we are going for the last night of that and then we celebrate Christmas, so we have that, and my older brother is home from college as well for a week. So we are having family week for the next week. I think we are going to Buffalo to see a museum there and then just hang out here,” Franz said.

According to Flight Aware, there were 892 fight cancellations across the U.S. Saturday