Monkey business: Chimpanzee-painted art sold for a cause

MIAMI, F.L. — Animals are channeling their inner artists in Miami, Florida.

The first-ever art exhibit by chimpanzees is now open, in collaboration with the legendary band the B-52’s. The art collection entitled “Wild Planet” pairs the band with 16 chimpanzees who have developed a knock for painting.

The artworks are based on the B-52’s seven album covers and are named after the band’s most popular songs and lyrics.

“The B-52’s are as much visual artists as they are musical artists, and their album covers are so iconic,” says Director of Save the Chimps Sanctuary, Dan Matthews. “So, the process for this art project was the B-52’s painted the base colors of their album covers, and then gave the chimps corressponding color combos to use to finish the pieces.”

The prices range from $1,000 to $5,000 — 100% of the proceeds going to Save the sanctuary.