Monroe County buses to install new stop sign cameras

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ROCHESTER, N.Y. It’s already illegal for cars on either side of the road to pass a school bus if it’s stopped with the flashing stop sign out.

This legislation was passed to keep all students safe. These cameras will snap a picture of any license plate that drives by a stopped bus, and you’ll get a ticket in the mail.

This is a free program for school districts around Monroe County. School districts can enter into an agreement with Monroe County, which will work with a third-party contractor to install and maintain the cameras.

However, right now, it doesn’t include the city of Rochester, and here’s why.

“This could potentially impact 1,600 school buses that could have these cameras on them across the county and in every school district except for Rochester, because the way the state law worked is that a county could pass a law to allow school districts to opt in for the suburban district,” Bello said. “But the city school district, in order for them to opt in, the city of Rochester would have to pass a similar law.”

The cost of a first-time offense is $250. It increases to $275 for a second and $300 for a third violation within 18 months of the first.