Monroe County cracks down on people who fail to install devices to prevent drunk driving

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ROCHESTER, N.Y. — Monroe County announced a crackdown on people who fail to install or override ignition interlock devices which aim to prevent drunk driving.

The court-ordered devices are for people convicted of a DWI. They’re installed in car’s ignition and require the driver to give a breath sample to start the car. If the breath is above the legal limit, the driver won’t be able to start the car.

Some studies have shown that people in New York State have either failed to install the devices or circumvented them.

A $35,000 grant from the Governor’s Traffic Safety Committee is helping local authorities to enforce the use of the devices. Monroe County Probation will collaborate with the sheriff’s office and the Rochester Police Department.

“It is crucial that drivers install the device on their vehicle to prevent themselves from getting behind the wheel of a car drunk. We will be steadfast in enforcing the laws that hold violators accountable,” said Monroe County Sheriff Todd Baxter.

Every three months, Monroe County Probation checks DMV records to make sure anyone required to have an ignition interlock device has one in all cars registered to them. Every cycle, officials find about 20 people who have not installed a device, which is a violation of probation.

“Every year we continue to lose members of our community to those who chose to drive drunk,” said RPD Chief David Smith. “This increase in funding towards enforcement and education regarding ignition interlock devices is one more step to stopping those who choose to drink and drive.”