Monroe County executive won’t elaborate on sudden resignation of health commissioner

No elaboration from Monroe County executive on health commissioner’s departure

No elaboration from Monroe County executive on health commissioner's departure

MONROE COUNTY, N.Y. — On Wednesday, Dr. Michael Mendoza suddenly resigned as the Commissioner of Public Health for Monroe County.  Neither Dr. Mendoza nor the County Executive have publicly spoken about the reason behind the quick exit. 

Dr. Mendoza has been at the helm of the health department since 2016.  He was appointed by then-County Executive Cheryl Dinolfo and re-appointed in 2022 by current County Executive Adam Bello. 

During his time as commissioner, Dr. Mendoza led the county’s response to a number of public health emergencies including the COVID-19 pandemic, the rise in RSV, seasonal flu outbreaks and the opioid crisis. 

In a brief press release announcing his resignation on Wednesday, the County Executive Adam Bello said thanked Dr. Mendoza for his service but didn’t elaborate on the reasoning behind it. 

News10NBC Investigative Reporter asked Bello about it on Friday at a press conference for a different event. 

Jennifer Lewke:  “What can you share with us about why he is no longer on the job?”

Adam Bello:   “As I said earlier this week, Dr. Mendoza chose, stepped down from his position with the county and we wish him well.  I thank him for his service to the county and his leadership.  We obviously worked closely together particularly during the COVID 19 pandemic and I wish him well.” 

Jennifer Lewke:  “You reappointed him yourself not terribly long ago, he was marching with his team at the parade on Saturday, he was advocating in Albany the day before he was let go … the community sees that and they say, what on earth could have happened?”

Adam Bello:  “Earlier this week, he chose to step down, there’s nothing more to say about that, they’re really isn’t.”