Monroe County Legislature elects first Latina president

New Monroe County Legislature president shares priorities

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MONROE COUNTY, N.Y. — For the first time in decades, Democrats control the Monroe County Legislature — and after weeks of in-fighting, on Wednesday, they elected their President.  Yversha Roman is the first Latina to ever hold the position. 

Roman was born in Puerto Rico but grew up on Rochester’s northwest side.  She is a social worker who helps low-income families navigate their way through life, “working hand and hand with families and young people in the community, understanding the disparities of service, the pain in our community and really the lack of diversity and voice at tables like these,” she tells News10NBC. 

That’s why she ran for a seat on the Monroe County Legislature four years ago — and on Wednesday, she was elected president.  One of her main priorities: “Every board, committee and commission works a lot better if it has diversity of voice, perspective, wealth and I continue to try to make space at those tables,” Roman says.

Roman is the first Latina to be at the head of those tables.

“I am thrilled to be the first Latina elected into the Monroe County Legislature and the first president now to be elected — and though that is remarkable, I think it took a really long time to do that, and what it means to me and the community is an opportunity to have a perspective that is vastly different than what was here before,” she says. 

To be successful, Roman knows she has to welcome as many perspectives as possible, including those of Republicans. “So, I plan to focus on every corner of the county,” she tells News10NBC. “I am really aware of the realities because of the honor to have been a representative of a blended district … as I knocked on each door in a very blended district, I listened, I observed and I helped to answer really pressing concerns.”

Yversha Roman will preside over her first full meeting of the Legislature next week.