Monroe County recognizes rocker Lou Gramm

Lou Gramm honored by Monroe County Legislature

Lou Gramm honored by Monroe County Legislature

MONROE COUNTY, N.Y. — Rock legend Lou Gramm made an appearance at Tuesday night’s Monroe County Legislature meeting to receive honors by the county, marking decades of accomplishments in the music business.

Gramm and the rest of the band Foreigner are among this year’s inductees into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

“Lou Gramm, born Louis Grammatico on May 2, 1950 in Rochester, New York, has been a monumental force in the world of rock and roll — his powerful voice and emotive performances earning him a place amongst the most iconic musicians of our time,” a proclamation Tuesday read in part, praising him for hiss musical accomplishments both solo and with the band, as well as his perseverance while battling with serious health issues, including a brain tumor.

Gramm responded with an expression of pride in his Rochester area roots.

“Through all my years in Foreigner and things I’ve done outside of Foreigner I’ve always been very proud – when bandmates and such say where they’re from; a lot of the times it’s London or New York City or Los Angeles – I pop right up and say ‘I’m from Rochester, New York.’ And always very proud to say it.” Gramm said.

He continued: “I’ve always thought that we have a tremendous amount to offer in the city, and I was very happy to raise my children here. And I still am. This is always home to me. Thank you so much.”