Monroe County reissues food assistance benefits to 1,100 people who had them stolen

ROCHESTER, N.Y. — Monroe County says it has helped more than 1,100 residents who had their food assistance benefits stolen from EBT card skimming.

News10NBC reported on the increase in SNAP benefit thefts in early October. The county says its Department of Human Services worked overtime to make sure people had their benefits reissued.

There was a rise of EBT card theft, involving skimming devices placed on top of a store’s card reading machine, across Western New York. Before benefits are reissued on Wednesday, the county says cardholders should take these steps to protect their benefits:

  • Change their PIN immediately and remember to change it frequently.
  • Protect their EBT card and PIN information.
  • Monitor their EBT account regularly to watch for unauthorized transactions.
  • If someone believes their benefits have been stolen, immediately it by calling 888‐328‐6399, visiting, or through the connectEBT mobile app.