More than a year later, father awaits justice for son killed in hit-and-run

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ROCHESTER, N.Y. — “When your life and the law catches up with you, you will remember what you have done.”

That’s from a father’s letter to the driver of the truck that ran over and killed his son and then drove away.

It has been a year, and Frederick Jones is still no closer to finding the driver who he says killed his son Jared on Aug. 3, 2022. But we now have new video from police that might help identify him.

The video shows a black Dodge Ram sport pickup truck speeding north on Lake Avenue. The Rochester Police Department says this is the truck they believe ran over and killed Jared Jones last August.

Today, his father read a letter he wrote to the driver.

“For whoever you are, if you have any thought in your brain, that you have done the most evil and wicked thing that you can do on this earth,” he read.

Weeks after his son was killed last year, Jones asked for the community’s help.

“I didn’t want to do but right now I’m speaking for my son, Jared, who can’t speak for himself now,” he said last year.

Brean: “It must pain you even more to have to speak for Jared 12 months later and still nobody arrested.”

Frederick Jones, father: “I’m his voice. I’ve been his voice when he was alive. I’m his voice now that he’s gone. It’s very painful. I’ll always be mourning for my son.”

Jared Jones — a School of the Arts graduate who wrote his own music — was riding his bike home from Charlotte Beach. His father said police told him the truck came from Ridge Road to lake Avenue. Jared was hit at Lake and Burley roads. Jones said the truck went over the O’Rourke bridge into Irondequoit and then onto Thomas Avenue.

Brean: “And then it goes cold.”

Frederick Jones, father: “According to police, yes.”

Jared Jones would have been 21 years old today.

“I have faith and if I have to do it myself, this person will be caught,” Frederick Jones said.

If you recognize anything in the video, contact police.