National security correspondent speaks on violence in Israel

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ROCHESTER, N.Y. — News10NBC spoke with our National security correspondent with radio station WTOP in Washington on the ongoing war in Israel.

“This is the biggest, bloodiest, and most glaring attack on the Israeli people since the Holocaust. Truth be told, when you look at it, this is worse than the United States version of 9/11. From a per capita point of view, this is worse than 9/11 for them, because they’re much smaller in terms of size and population,” explains JJ Green.

Most want to know if the war in Israel will affect American policy. How deeply involved will we get?

“Well, the U.S. is already involved in this because there are American citizens that were killed, American citizens that are believed to be hostages. The U.S. military has already sent a carrier strike group to the region to assist Israel if necessary to protect Israel, U.S. interest, and others in the region from other actors trying to take advantage of this situation,” explains Green. “In terms of fighting, I’m not sure that that’s going to happen unless there is some escalation or change in the posture of this conflict.”

Thursday, President Biden called the United States’ commitment to Israel “unshakeable.”