Neighbors react to overnight double shooting in Greece

GREECE, N.Y. — Residents living on Mosley Road in Greece are still looking for answers after Wednesday night’s shooting, which killed one person and left another person gravely injured.

News10NBC talked to some neighbors on that street to hear their reactions.

As families on that street sit down to celebrate the Thanksgiving Holiday with family and friends, their minds are also on the shooting that shook their neighborhood.

“Driver for the two people that have been shot. 215 Mosley Road between Tait Avenue and Benjamin Avenue. Two people have been shot. 215 Mosley Road between Tait and Benjamin.”

That was the call that went out to first responders Wednesday night. Greece Police say when they arrived at the home, one person was already dead, and a second person was badly injured.

That person was taken to Strong Memorial and is listed in grave condition. Police are treating this as a domestic-related incident. Thursday morning, neighbors were still shocked this happened just doors away from their homes.

“Well, of course, you feel sad for the victim, but it was domestic, so domestic can happen anywhere,” Edward Coch said. “So I think our neighborhood is pretty safe.”

Coch lives across the street from where the shooting happened. His friends frantically contacted him Wednesday night to make sure he was okay.

“Yes, I did get text messages asking me if it was me or not because they saw it said Mosley and Benjamin, and Benjamin is right down there, so six houses down,” said Coch. “So I said it’s not me.”

Christine Tatner lives five doors from the shooting. She says the neighborhood is a quiet one. She knew something was wrong when the sirens of responding vehicles were getting closer to home.

“We thought maybe a medical emergency,” said Tatner. “We have older people that live here, and then when they saw the cops pulling out tape and stuff that, it was like ‘Wait a minute. That’s not normal. That’s not right.'”

Some are still in disbelief that this incident happened at a time when family and friends are gathering for the holiday.

“I think it makes it even worse,” Tatner said. “It’s bad enough but I think makes it even worse during the holiday season, and, unfortunately, we have a tendency of seeing more and more of it during the holidays.”

News10NBC reached out to Greece Police Thursday morning for any possible updates, but due to the holiday, we have yet to hear back from them.