Neighbors shocked, saddened by fatal shooting in Charlotte

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Neighbors of a home in Charlotte where a man was shot and killed around lunchtime Monday say this type of crime doesn’t typically happen in their neighborhood.

Lt. Greg Bello said police were called just after noon for some sort of argument on Harding Road off of Lake Avenue

Rochester police still have not released the names of the man killed and the man arrested in Monday afternoon’s homicide on Harding Road in Charlotte.

Gun shots rang loudly in this typically quiet neighborhood. Neighbors say this type of crime doesn’t typically happen in their neighborhood.

Three neighbors — all of them living within steps of the home where the shooting happened Monday — all expressed shock.

“This is a very quiet neighborhood, Nothing ever happens in this neighborhood,” Bennie Johnson said.

“We’ve never had any type of violence like this ever happen,” Derek Coyle said.

“It’s a quiet neighborhood; there’s usually not a lot of violence,” Erich Werner said.

Derek Coyle has lived in the neighborhood for 32 years. He came home to grab lunch when he saw dozens of police officers had the street blocked off.

“We’ve never had that type of police in our area like that. It was kind of scary. It was different,” he said. “But I feel bad for whoever was killed.”

Bennie Johnson has lived in the neighborhood for 30 years. Although he’s shocked, he’s not surprised: There have been problems with past tenants in that home. Just two days ago, neighbors heard people shouting in the home. Johnson says he knows the woman who lives there and she’s a pleasant lady.

“It’s sad that people can’t solve issues properly, but that’s the time that we live in so it’s not surprising,” Johnson said.

Erich Werner, another neighbor, says he was enjoying the nice weather on his deck when he heard shots coming from the home.

“I was startled, surprised, taken back by it. And immediately you could see the tragedy in it. Someone’s life being lost,” he said.

Johnson shares the same sentiments. it’s just sad but it’s the world we live in.

“We live in a world where nothing is really unexpected, right? You never know what’s going to happen,” he said.

Police have a man in custody, and there is an investigation underway by the Major Crimes Unit.