New initiative brings life-saving equipment to public facilities

ROCHESTER, N.Y. – A new initiative is trying to provide training and tools to help in life-threatening situations, before EMS arrives. 

Sixty “Life Saving Station” boxes will be installed in public facilities around Monroe County. Monroe County Executive Adam Bello announced the plan on Thursday. 

Each box will include an AED, Naloxone, a bleeding control trauma kit, and hand sanitizer. 

Bello explains the box can provide vital equipment to those in need, allowing bystanders to help in what could be a life-and-death situation.

“This is about saving lives, when every second counts,” says Bello. 

The medical kits will also have instructions on how to use the equipment. These boxes will be installed in county facilities and public buildings- including DMVs, the Rochester airport, Innovative Field, MCC, county golf courses, Seneca Park Zoo, and more. 

Officials say the installation of the boxes will be completed by this fall.