News10NBC Archives: Former President Jimmy Carter’s visits to Rochester

ROCHESTER, N.Y. — Former President Jimmy Carter, who entered hospice in his hometown of Plains, Georgia at age 98, visited Rochester several times. He visited before, during, and after his 1977 to 1981 presidency.

Footage from the News10NBC archives shows Carter in our studio in 1975 for the public affairs show Newsmaker, which eventually became Rochester In Focus. He appeared before the 1976 election when became president after defeating incumbent Gerald Ford.

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Footage also shows Carter’s plane landing in Rochester in 1976 before he won the election. The footage shows reporters questioning Carter about his tax policy after he lands.

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Carter was also in Rochester during his second bid for the White House, where he lost to Ronald Reagan. News10NBC covered his 1980 rally in Rochester, where he spoke above a banner that reads “I’d rather be in Rochester”.

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Ten years after his presidential term ended, Carter came to Rochester to deliver a speech at the Rochester Institute of Technology in 1991. He spoke about his response to the Gulf War and the hostage crisis in Iran. The visit came after Carter and his wife founded the human rights group The Carter Center.

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The Carter Center is asking for people to send their kind messages to the former president and his family online. You can send them here.