News10NBC Investigates: Burglars hit South Wedge home and then come back again while homeowner waits for police

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ROCHESTER, N.Y. — A brazen burglary in the South Wedge.

After two men ransacked a house once, security video shows they came back again and again.

The homeowner, Catherine Bialecki, was stuck in traffic in Syracuse, but she watched the burglary live through the security app on her phone.

“Shhh,” the one burglar told his accomplice as he waited by a window of Bialecki’s home. The be-quiet warning was caught on one of Bialecki’s security cameras.

Brean: “Were you watching this happen live?”
Catherine Bialecki, burglary victim: “Yes. I was watching it live pleading with the 911 operator to tell me if they had any time frame of when the police were going to show up.”

Bialecki says the burglars stole her sister’s car to get away.

She thought the horror show was over, but the burglars had a sequel.

After they ditched what they stole, the video shows they came back in the stolen car a second time.

The video shows they stole two more TV’s. At one point, one of the men sees one of the cameras and tries to hide his face. Bialecki says they took another camera down while it was still recording and you can hear one man say they’re coming back a third time.

“We’re coming back for all this (expletive),” he is recorded saying. “Come on, meet me in the car, bro.”

By the time they returned a third time, police were at the home. Bialecki says the burglars took off, crashed the car and ran away.

Brean: “Have they been arrested since then?”
Bialecki: “Nope.”

Brean: “What has this done to you mentally and emotionally?”
Bialecki: “I feel like I’m not even safe in my home. My house doesn’t feel like a home anymore. It’s scary. I’m almost paranoid now because I feel like I’m hearing something, is there someone in my yard? I’m constantly checking my cameras now.”

Bialecki says it took Rochester police at least 45 minutes to get to her home. RPD says it was closer to 30.

RPD says at roughly the same time, they had a murder scene 10 minutes away from Bialecki’s home, a fight and gun arrest five minutes away, a shooting six minutes away, and extra police assigned to the bar scene on East Avenue.

Brean: “What would you like to see happen?”
Bialecki: “I would enjoy to see the police actually go and arrest these people or try to do something. I know they’re overwhelmed in the city. I mean I work for the hospital so I know there are constantly stabbings and shootings, but we can’t just put everything else on pause because people are doing all this crazy stuff.”