Nicosia campaign contributions being returned

Campaign contributions from the couple accused of hosting a racist party are being returned by both Republicans and Democrats.           

It’s the latest development after a Rochester firefighter filed a lawsuit, suing the city and the fire department.

Congressional candidate La’Ron Singletary said he asked his campaign team on Thursday to return $1,250 dollars he received from the Nicosias once he found out about the allegations.  

Mayor Malik Evans received $250 from the Nicosias. His office says the Mayor had his campaign treasurer return the Nicosia donation immediately on Thursday night.     

Monroe County Legislator Rachel Barnhart said the $100 donation to her campaign was made five years ago. The account is now closed, but she’s donating the $100 to a local non-profit.

Len Morrell says his campaign returned a $1,000 contribution received earlier this year from the Nicosias.

The Nicosias have also donated to a lot of other politicians including Congressman Lee Zeldin and local judges.