‘Not fair at all’: Daughter of Rochester man brutally assaulted speaks out

Daughter of man fatally assaulted on Christmas speaks out

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ROCHESTER, N.Y. — Imagine learning your loved one had been brutally attacked, for 18 minutes, with little understanding as to why. That’s the news Amanda DiCesare had to learn, regarding her father Michael DiCesare of Rochester.

He was beaten at the corner of Bay Street and Portland Avenue early Christmas Day, according to police.

The assault was nearly 20 minutes, according to court paperwork. The Rochester Police Department confirmed it’s working with security video from that morning, around 12:47 a.m.

Amanda said she just wants people to remember her father as more than a murder victim.

“I want the people watching to know who my dad was,” she said.

Amanda said her father was caring, ambitious, and cared about family. He loved music, classic rock, and food.

“First and foremost before anything else my dad was a chef, he was a chef for 30 years,” said Amanda.

Amanda said learning about the brutal assault left her shocked, and numb. She said she believes her father was going for a walk that night, which he often did, when he ran into trouble.

“I was confused,” she said. “I was thinking, well, what could Dad have done? He is not a very confrontational person; he likes to mind his own business.”

Brucewayne Beaman and Guy Mustgray II are accused of beating Michael DiCesare. A criminal complaint said the two exchanged words with DiCesare near Bay Street and Portland Avenue, before assaulting him.

Police said the pair stole DiCesare’s wallet, and phone, which was later found in the trash.

For the past month, DiCesare has been in the hospital but his condition never improved. He died on Monday.

“I can’t find the TV-appropriate words to describe how furious I am about this whole thing,” said Amanda. “How unfair it is, it’s not fair at all.”

While the situation is tragic, she said she’s left with a sense of calm when she remembers who her dad was at the end of the day.     

It’s the memories she’s holding onto.

“I remember one time when I was a kid, I was having a really rough day, I don’t really remember why but I was just really upset. I had a loft bed when I was younger, like I slept at the top, I remember my dad coming in really quietly, pulling out my desk chair slowly so he could stand up. And I remember him like, reaching for my hand and quietly singing this song, ‘I’ll Be There For You,’ by Bon Jovi,” she said.

Beaman and Mustgray are charged with attempted murder and assault

The Monroe County District Attorney’s Office said on Tuesday that a grand jury has voted to indict the two men on at least one felony count.

Charges could be upgraded, since the victim has died.