NY Museum of Transportation recreates old-time trolley park

RUSH, N.Y. – The New York Museum of Transportation recreated an old-time trolley park on Saturday with an event they call “Trains and Trolleys at Twilight.”

The trolley age began in the 1890’s. The museum offered a trolley ride, ice cream, music and games, just like old-time trolley parks did, before they turned into the amusement parks we know now.           

Trolley parks faded away when cars replaced trolleys. Places like the Museum of Transportation make sure we remember how the generations before us lived.

“We had street cars in Rochester. We had a subway that operated until 1956 and a lot of people don’t remember those days, so were here to help recreate that,” said Jim Dierks, Trustee New York Museum of Transportation.

The museum will hold another “Trains and Trolleys at Twilight” event Saturday, August 5.