NYS 25th District Congressional Candidates deliver final messages to early voters

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ROCHESTER, N.Y. – We are into the last stretch of early voting and candidates for the 25th district congressional race were out today getting people to the polls. Incumbent Democratic Rep. Joe Morelle, and Republican challenger La’Ron Singletary both held events Saturday urging people to cast an early vote.

Both Morelle and Singletary share the same message that voting matters and they strongly encourage people to get to the polls, but they both also believe the stakes are extremely high in 2022.

Early voting is wrapping up this weekend heading into Tuesday’s big race.

Voters say there are high stakes in the governor’s race, Governor Kathy Hochul and Republican challenger Lee Zeldin, but also the congressional race for the 25th district. Morelle and Singletary are vying for that seat.

“We want people to go to the polls, and choose who they want to lead and the philosophy of government that they want to be able to enjoy so this is their moment, time for the rest of us to stop talking and now it’s their decision to make,” Morelle said Saturday.

Singletary also held an event Saturday.

“We need everyone to go to the polls, like your life depended on it, we see the crime crisis not only in New York State but across the country, so go to the polls like your life depended on it, because we’re going to make some changes after November 8th,” Singletary said.

The economy, reproductive rights, and public safety are hot-button issues in the redrawn 25th district. It now includes the southern part of Monroe County and Orleans County.

“I wasn’t in the state legislature when they did the change to bail law, I would like them to do what they’re doing at the federal level it protects people. And inflation, look we’re working hard we have reduced the cost of prescription drugs for people on Medicare, can we overcome republican objection to helping people with child care, can we help with child tax credits. And women’s reproductive rights are on the ballot this year and everywhere around the country and I am a strong supporter,” Morelle added.

“Seniors are saying their life savings is being depleted right before their eyes, people are worried about their kids going outside playing in the street without having to get struck by a stray bullet, people are worried about putting food on the table, groceries, gas in their cars, these are issues that are exciting people to go to the polls early, and I think we’re going to have a big turn out Tuesday. People want to see something different, I mean the last time a republican held the seat was 1982, so we’re going to make history and change,” Singletary also added.

Decision 2022: Election Day is Tuesday, find out who’s on your ballot