NYS Attorney General releases body-worn camera footage of trooper shooting, killing teen in Bloomfield 

BLOOMFIELD, N.Y. — State Police say a 17 year old was shot and killed by a trooper in November of last year. Monday, the Attorney General’s Office released body-worn camera footage of the shooting.

The shooting happened on Route 64 in East Bloomfield on November 15.

That night, a trooper went to the home after an anonymous tip to the state’s Homeland Security Department said someone at the house was talking about killing someone. Police say the teen lunged at the trooper with a knife after a bit of conversation, and when the teen charged the trooper a second time, the trooper shot and killed him.

By law, the Attorney General’s Office must investigate every situation in which a law enforcement officer may have caused the death of another person.

To view the body-worn camera footage, click here. Warning: The video contains content that viewers may find disturbing.