NYS has millions in unclaimed gift cards; You might have unclaimed funds

ALBANY, N.Y.- The New York State Comptroller Thomas DiNapoli is reminding people not to forget about their gift cards. After five years, unused gift card balances are turned over to the comptroller’s office of unclaimed funds.

Last year the office recovered more than $27 Million from gift cards.

DiNapoli’s office returns an average of $1.5 million in unclaimed funds every day and works with retailers to identify the owners of unused gift cards. Retailers can provide OUF with a name if the person registers the gift card online, if they have been issued a refund, or if the card was purchased with an existing store account. If the owner’s information is not known to a New York retailer, it will report the card details, such as card number and balance, which can be used by the recipient to claim the balance. The Comptroller’s office also sends letters to newly reported owners of unclaimed funds.

Check if you have unclaimed funds here.