NYS Secretary of State talks about work in local economic development

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ROCHESTER, N.Y. — When you hear Secretary of State, you think of international diplomacy. But New York’s Secretary of State would rather hang out along the Genesee River.

Rodriguez: So we are the oldest agency around. This is Robert Rodriguez from East Harlem. He used to be a state lawmaker but he is now the New York State Secretary of State.

The Department of State is the filing cabinet for New York. Every law, every incorporation, and 38 professional licenses are filed with and through state. But, state has been getting into the economic development business.

Brean: I thought the Department of Economic Development did all this development stuff.

Rodriguez: They do all the big stuff. They do all the bigger programs and initiatives. Rodriguez says state is focused on waterfronts and canal towns. State financed the work where we are standing, between the river and Corn Hill.

Robert Rodriguez: So folks may not remember what this used to look like, but I think we had high crumbling barrier walls along the river that you couldn’t see the river. So now we have a waterfront and a waterway that is both flood resilient, as well as accessible for recreation.

The Department of State is providing the grant money to redo the last part of Main and Clinton in downtown Rochester. If you go there, you’re gonna see exactly the corner we’re talking about, the corner that needs work.

If you haven’t been along the Genesee River in Corn Hill, say between downtown and the Fourth Street Bridge, the changes are very nice. And, if you live in a canal town, Macedon, Spencerport and the rest, watch for signs that money from the Department of State is coming to do work in your hometown.