NYSP assist RPD in monitoring Franklin High School

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ROCHESTER, N.Y. – Security has been stepped up outside Franklin High School in Rochester, after an SUV tore through the lawn during dismissal on Tuesday. Dozens of students ran to get out of the way, and thankfully no one was hurt.

Rochester Police reached out to New York State Police for help monitoring arrival and dismissal. They’ll be assisting for the foreseeable future, while police continue to search for the driver of that SUV.

Meanwhile, neighbors tell News10NBC they’re on edge.

Anita Flagg and Falon Richard live on Kilmar Street, right by the side of the school. They heard about what happened on Tuesday, and saw the videos.

“I could not believe it, I was angry, because they should’ve got them at that moment, it was terrorizing all those kids,” says Flagg.

Richard has three young adults, and often worries for their safety. He said he grew up going to Franklin High School in the 80s, and recalls a much different time.

“This school was way better, it’s something that we need to work on,” he said.

The two are calling on parents, and city officials to take action. One of their major concerns is traffic, in and around the school.

“And we were talking about the speed bumps, because they speed down here like crazy,” saysFlagg, calling on officials to consider speed bumps.

Mayor Malik Evans addressed public safety and youth in his state of the city address Wednesday night, saying most young people are doing the right thing, and staying out of trouble. But, there are many young adults in need help, and attention.

“These Tik Tok challenges, and the stealing cars, and the growing number of teenagers being pulled into violent crime, and getting killed, they’re cries for help,” says Evans. “They’re cries for help from children and families who are simply overwhelmed in a swirl of historic change.”

The historic change, being two pandemics: Covid-19, and violent crime.

“We’re going to focus our priorities to the lens of youth, but we’re also going to continue making progress on every front, to inspire hope and deliver opportunity,” says Evans.

A spokesperson for the district said Evans is working with law enforcement to crack down on these stolen KIAs and Hyundais. They’re asking the community to get involved, by calling 911 if you see anything suspicious.