‘Stay vigilant’: Investigators say man in SUV reportedly following teenage girls in Ogden

Ogden Police still looking for man who was following teenage girls

Ogden Police still looking for man who was following teenage girls

OGDEN. N.Y. — Ogden Police are investigating reports of a man driving an SUV who was following teenage girls around 4 p.m. Wednesday night.

Authorities said the man driving the orange, or rust-colored, Nissan Rouge was caught on camera in two different locations around Ogden and the village of Spencerport.

Ogden Police Chief Travis Gray said the SUV was spotted along Union and Canal streets and again along Union Street and Westside Drive.

Dan Bash, who was headed out with his family for a walk on Friday near the Erie Canal, said he saw a post on social media about the suspicious vehicle.

“I mean as a dad and a father, as a parent, it’s always staying vigilant, knowing what’s going on around me,” Bash said.

It’s why Bash said it’s always a good idea to keep your eyes on everything that is going on around you, no matter where you are.

“Stay vigilant, stay prepared, know what our surroundings are, who is around us. Keep an eye out for things that are going on,” Bash said.

After receiving the photos, investigators said they’ve been able to identify the SUV and the driver, an African-American man in his 20’s with long, curly hair, but have been unable to locate him.

Chief Gray said that officers received reports that the man approached at least two teenage girls and rolled down the windows of his SUV to speak with them, before driving off.

That’s among reasons why Jodi Pellegrino said she never takes an eye off her baby girl.

“I don’t let her out of my eyesight. It’s a crazy world out there. Just know where they are. This isn’t 30 years ago where you could let your kids wander aimlessly, unfortunately,” Pellegrino said.

Ogden Police are asking anyone with information about the vehicle or the driver to contact the department at (585) 617-6131 or call 911 if you see the SUV with plates KPB-9623.