Ninth grader charged after slamming 11-year-old to the ground at Cosgrove Middle School

UPDATE: The ninth grader is now charged with assaulting another student in the Spencerport central school district.

The family of the sixth grader filed a police report.

Ogden police say as a result of their investigation, the teen was arrested this afternoon and charged with assault. The teen was issued an appearance ticket for family court.

OGDEN, N.Y. Tuesday night, Spencerport school leaders addressed the shocking viral video of a ninth grade student violently slamming an 11-year-old to the ground at Cosgrove Middle School.

The incident happened Monday afternoon, and it was the first issue to come up at their regularly scheduled school board meeting. Only a few parents attended the meeting where the district vowed to prevent the behavior that led to what took place at Cosgrove Middle from ever happening again.

“We take this act of violence very seriously, and without question, we will support any strict disciplinary consequences once the investigation concludes,” said Board Vice President Michael Miceli.

The school district told us the ninth grade student “sought out” the younger sixth grader. News10NBC watched the video, which clearly shows the older student holding the younger male, who is pleading at this point saying, “It was the other dude.”

The video, which lasted less than a minute, shows the older student picking up the younger one and body-slamming him to the ground. The student landed on his backpack. He then got up and ran. Parents are disgusted after watching the clip.

“It’s like, makes your stomach turn,” said Lisa Watson. “And that could be anybody’s kid.”

Marcie Rush added, “It was just horrifying to see something like that.”

Both parents say there are bigger issues at hand.

“Are consequences not being given, I don’t know,” said Watson. “It just seems like the same students are acting inappropriately, and that’s to be a safe term.”

The district reiterated its responsibility of keeping all of its schools and students safe.

“Finally, with this devastating video going viral, our primary concern is to support the well-being of our Cosgrove student,” said Miceli.

The small number of parents at the meeting were satisfied with the Board’s handling of the situation.

“Yeah, I do think that at this point there’s not too much they can say or do,” said Rush. “It is under investigation, so I respect the statement that they made tonight, and I do think that our security is a top concern.”

The district says the accused attacker is not in school right now. The victim’s parents have filed a police report, and assault charges are pending.