Orbaker’s staying open for 85 hours leading up to the eclipse


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WILLIAMSON, N.Y. – Orbaker’s Restaurant in Williamson is committed to making sure everyone who stops by their business never forget this once in a lifetime celestial experience.

The restaurant will be keeping it’s doors open for 85 hours straight leading up to the eclipse on April 8.

Restaurant manager Bob Heintzelman said he wants to make sure everyone who is coming into town has a safe place to park and enjoy the eclipse.

Orbaker’s will be open from 8 a.m. Friday morning to 9 p.m. on Monday so everyone who is parked at the restaurant can get a view of the eclipse during totality.

Heintzelman said that having been in the military prior to opening his restaurant, working around the clock never really affected him, so he wants to do everything he can to make sure everyone who stops by has a memorable experience.

“With everybody coming in, I wanted to ensure they have a taste of what we have to offer by staying open. Plus we have a couple of factories in the area and some of the night shift workers don’t get a chance to have that good of a dinner. So if we can stay open and serve them, that’s what we are trying to do. Just give a little bit back to the community,” Heintzelman said.

Orbaker’s will have everything from sweet treats, ice cream, and even an eclipse burger, complete with pulled pork and onion rings representing the rings of Saturn to boot.