‘Overrun by Bills fans’: The hometown crowd shows up in London, but not the advantage

LONDON, ENGLAND – Bills Mafia certainly took over London town this weekend.

Alan Percy and his group of diehard fans were among the many taking in the sights and sounds of the city ahead of Sunday’s big game.

“This town has been overrun by Bills fans. We haven’t seen a Jacksonville jersey yet,” he told News10NBC.

It was a game that WCMF morning show host Pat Duffy and his family had been looking forward to since the NFL released this season’s schedule.

“I would say there were 17 people transferring from Rochester on our flight to London that were Bills fans. And more that jumped on when we got to JFK. And there was one Jacksonville fan on the plan with us this morning. So we are outnumbering them 50 to 1 based on my math,” Duffy said.

He believed it would work in Buffalo’s favor. Based on the turnout he saw on the streets of London, Duffy said it felt like the team would enjoy home field advantage.

“Jacksonville fans don’t really exist at home, let alone in London. It’s going to be a Bills home game,” he said. “I hope for the guys on the field that it does a little something for them, you know? That we care this much to come all this way.”

Indeed, Tottenham Hotspur Stadium hosted a record crowd Sunday – and much of it seemed to be rooting for Buffalo. But it wasn’t enough to earn the ‘W.” The Jaguars beat the Bills, 25-20.