Palmyra-Macedon High School evacuated due to bomb threat; Day resumes with modified schedule

MACEDON, N.Y. — The Palmyra-Macedon High School was evacuated on Wednesday morning because of a written bomb threat found at the high school.

Local law enforcement has since cleared the high school building for re-entry. The district says the school day and lunches will resume with a modified schedule.

Law enforcement and the district’s director of safety began investigating after students notified the district of the threat. Students went to the middle school during the evacuation and only the high school was evacuated. The investigation into the threat is ongoing. Here is a statement sent to parents just before noon:

“The High School building is now cleared for reentry following an investigation by the District and local law enforcement into a written bomb threat. The school day and lunches will resume on a modified schedule. Earlier this morning, students notified the District of the threat. The school was evacuated as law enforcement and the District’s Director of Safety investigated the situation. Students were evacuated to the Middle School. This evacuation only applied to the High School. The investigation into this threat is ongoing. We thank you for your continued understanding and cooperation as we navigate this matter. Further updates will be shared.”