Panel discussion about improving education held at East High School

ROCHESTER, N.Y. — Transforming schools was the topic of a University of Rochester panel discussion at East High School on Wednesday.

The Warner School of Education and Human Development Center for Urban Education Success hosted the discussion among state and national educational leaders.

The educational leaders say some policy changes are necessary to improve under-performing schools and schools in underserved communities.

Shelley Jallow, a state monitor for RCSD: “I think knowing how to read knowing how to think, being an independent learner, constantly not just as a student but as a teacher, an educator, as a principal as a superintendent, is necessary and required.”

Manuel Rivera, associate professor of Warner School of Education: “People really need to be genuine and grounded in what they believe in and their values, their principles, because that is what you’re gonna be known for.”

You may recall that Rivera served as superintendent of the Rochester City School District in the 90s and early 2000s. In November, a report showed more than half of Rochester’s students are two or more grade levels behind in math or reading.