Paranormal investigation at the Pratt Opera House led by Nick Groff

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ALBION, N.Y. – Built in 1882; the Pratt Opera House and the Day and Day Building in Albion have seen many come and go. According to paranormal investigator Nick Groff and his wife Tessa who’s a medium, some have seemed to stay around even after death.

“On Death Walker, we were investigating the Pratt Opera House, there was this weird energy, but only that there were voices coming through and also a door opened on its own,” says Groff. “It was a very a haunted theater, old and it has a lot of civil war attachments and just different spiritual energies still there.”

Even though Tessa couldn’t actually be at the opera house, she was still able to help Nick with the investigation.

“At one point he Facetimed me and I was able to remote view and give a bit of a reading,” says Tessa. “Like ‘you have to go this way’ or ‘there’s a person over here’ or ‘you’ve got to pay attention over here.'”

The theater was built by John Pratt, the ticket booth was run by his nephew, and there was a young boy that shoveled coal into stoves to keep the theater warm; are all said to still be there.

The spirits from the Civil War however are from the Day and Day Building.

“It was weird the door is a secret entrance where they would actually look in to see if there was anybody in there,” says Nick.

This is a Grand Army of the Republic meeting room where veterans of the Civil War and their descendants would gather for over 5 decades.

“And actually when you peel back the paint and stuff like that you can see all the original stuff that’s still there and that is where they used to meet. So a lot of the Civil War soldiers used to meet there to speak and talk and conduct secret meetings,” says Nick.

The original door to get in and out of the room is still there and it is still outfitted with the original peep hole.

“We’re documenting stuff because we really want to see and pull back the layers of the history. The history is a real thing and energy is a real thing,” says Nick.

Stepping into these rooms is like stepping into the past.

“What I’ve learned in Western NY, there’s so many haunted locations and they’re gems too,” Nick explains. “There’s very iconic historically driven locations where you start to realize that everybody has some sort of spiritual or ghost story that they want to talk about.”