Parents speak out at Clyde-Savannah

Parents Speak Out

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CLYDE, N.Y. — Parents gathered at Clyde-Savannah High School on Wednesday for the first Board of Education meeting since felony charges were dropped against three students accused of hazing a football player.

The topic of the assault did not come up during the meeting. Parents did express concerns over Superintendent Michael Hayden’s handling of a number of issues, ranging from hiring practices to teacher salary to overall transparency.

A Wayne County judge threw out the most serious charges against three teens accused of assaulting their teammate in the locker room at Clyde-Savannah High School earlier this month. The judge said that the felony aggravated abuse charges were dropped due to insufficient evidence, but the boys are still charged with misdemeanor hazing and forcible touching and have been suspended from school the rest of the year.

After the meeting, News10NBC spoke with Shelly Nicoletta, who has four children in the district and who says that the superintendent has handled the assault on campus poorly. She said there has been a lack of transparency since the incident took place on Halloween.

“It’s destroyed our community. There’s a lot of misunderstanding about the situation,” she said.

Nicoletta said the three students who were suspended should be back in the classroom. She said bullying on campus has only gotten worse since.

“Destroyed us, it’s destroyed these children, it’s tarnished their names, their reputation. Children have PTSD,” Nicoletta said. “We have a severe problem with bullying in our school district that has gone untreated and we really haven’t dealt with it appropriately — and you know, at many different levels we really need to move forward and figure it out. As a community we need to, we need to heal.”

Nicoletta said the entire community has been impacted by what happened and that there needs to be more communication between the school board and parents.

Parents at the meeting also were frustrated by the inability to hear what school board members were saying on stage inside the auditorium. No microphones were used throughout the meeting as board members sat on stage, and residents complained about not being able to hear anything several times during the meeting. A parent who approached News10NBC after the meeting felt that the lack of audio equipment was purposeful and indicative of the problems people are experiencing with the board.