Parolee convicted of robbery and murder of stranger out celebrating his birthday

ROCHESTER, N.Y.- A Monroe County jury convicted parolee Darrell Griffin, 34, on Tuesday for the armed robbery and murder of Omar Hughley.

On the night of April 24, 2022, Rochester Police officers responding to West Main Street outside Minq Lounge, found Hughley deceased with a gunshot wound in his upper chest, according to a release from the Monroe County District Attorney’s Office. Hughley had been celebrating his birthday with friends when Griffin robbed him at gunpoint and shot him. 

At the time of the murder, Griffin was on parole for a previous criminal weapons conviction, and wore an electronic ankle monitor.

“Six months before the murder, Darrell Griffin was given the opportunity to reenter society and become a productive citizen,” said Sandra Doorley, Monroe County’s district attorney. “Instead of staying away from illegal weapons and abiding by the law, he violently robbed and killed a stranger when he saw an opportunity. Darrell Griffin has shown us that he is a dangerous individual who needs to take accountability for his actions.”

The jury convicted Griffin of second-degree murder, first-degree manslaughter, two counts of first-degree robbery, and two counts of criminal possession of a weapon. 

“Omar Hughley was out celebrating his life with his friends before Darrell Griffin violently chose to end his life,” said Greg Clark, Monroe County’s special assistant district attorney and the case’s lead prosecutor. “Darrell Griffin had no regard for human life, the safety of his fellow community members or the law when he brutally robbed Omar Hughley before killing him. I want to thank the Rochester Police Department for their detailed investigation, and the cooperation of Omar’s friends and family who were willing to come forward with information, resulting in the successful prosecution of Darrell Griffin.”

Griffin is set to be sentenced on July 18 in Monroe County Court.