Lawsuit says House of Mercy was warned about August attack by accused killer

ROCHESTER, N.Y. – The House of Mercy is getting sued by a former resident saying the House of Mercy was warned about the attack that killed a man and injured the plaintiff.

On August 7th, Rochester Police say Nathaniel Jeanpierre III killed a man with a machete inside the house.
He’s also accused of stabbing another resident named Cameron Schuler. Thursday, Schuler sued the House of Mercy.

The lawsuit cites a police report and says Jeanpierre told House of Mercy staff about his plan to get a machete and kill people several hours before the attack.

John Morgan and Eli Wagschal:

“Our client, Cameron Schuler, found himself without a place to live and turned to the House of Mercy in his time of need,” wrote Schuler’s attorneys John MOrgan and Eli Wagschal. “Unfortunately, the shelter and its employees failed to protect Mr. Schuler and other residents, resulting in a vicious attack that left Mr. Schuler with severe and permanent physical and psychological injuries. The lawsuit alleges that House of Mercy had knowledge of the assailant’s plans and could have prevented this attack by following basic security protocols. Based on the information we have thus far gathered in our investigation, we are confident in our case against  House of Mercy and will prove all allegations during the course of this litigation. House of Mercy will be held  accountable, and we will obtain justice for Mr. Schuler.”

Today the House of Mercy told News10NBC “Although we cannot comment on the pending litigation, House of Mercy continues to prioritize the safety of our guests, volunteers, and employees as we move forward in our Mission to serve the homeless community.”

The House of Mercy reopened last week for the first time since the attack and now there are metal detectors at the one and only entrance.

Jeanpierre is in jail charged with murder and attempted murder.

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