PGA Reach aims to diversify the game of golf

ROCHESTER, N.Y. – When it comes to growing the game of golf, the PGA of America thrives off three pillars. Through the youth with the PGA junior league, the military and its veterans with PGA Hope, and inclusion and diversity through PGA Works.

Briana Collier, News 10 NBC: “Let’s talk about DEI; diversity, equity and inclusion. How are you guys making that work in terms of getting talent to get into the game as well?”
Cameron Dinkins PGA Works leader: “I think it’s being very intentional about getting these people who are talented, they’re just as talented as anyone else. So, it’s being very intentional in showing them that the careers that they’re trying to achieve can be done within this industry. So, through our fellowships and our scholarships we provide that access and opportunity to these people.”

Dinkins said it’s important for people to know that the golf industry isn’t just for one group of people.

“The importance is the only way that this game is going to continue to grow is to be open to everyone,” she said. “Having the opportunity to bring more people into this industry is so important. I think that I’m a perfect example of that. So if I can open the doors to other people, I’m happy to do it and I think that PGA Works is doing the great work to do so,” Dinkins said.

PGA Works also looks to get the youth involved through things like beyond the green, where kids were able to meet Buffalo Bills players, fellowships and scholarships; exposing them to different career opportunities within the golf industry.

“It’s important because we want to make sure that the youth here in Rochester understand that this is for everybody,” said PGA Works fellow Taylor Hunter. “It’s not just for one specific group, it’s for everybody and we want to make sure that it’s open to all youth across the world but mainly for Rochester since we are hosting it this year,” she said.

According to the PGA Reach senior director of development there are now over 40 million golfers in the country, with women, young girls and people of color being the fastest growing sectors.