Phishing scammers target Door Dash “dasher” and get away with $2,200

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ROCHESTER, N.Y. We hear about a lot of scams.

This one appears to be new and it targets a service thousands of people in our area use everyday: food delivery people.

The case we have involves a man who works for DoorDash.

Paul VanDusen has been a top-rated “dasher” since March. His numbers like ratings and on-time deliveries are nearly perfect.

So it didn’t come as a shock when he says he got called this summer from someone who said they were from DoorDash and wanted to give him a bonus.

He says the person on the phone knew all his internal DoorDash data.

Paul VanDusen, Door “Dasher”: “From that point he discussed with me about getting that money in my account and asked me for the last four digits of my account number.”

Brean: “And so that’s when they got you.”

VanDusen: “Yes.”

VanDusen: “By the end of the day I was very dejected. I looked at my account. There was zero money in my account.”

Brean: “How much money do you think you lost?”

VanDusen: To this point almost $2,200.”

VanDusen: “I’ve seen several posts from many other people that had the same identical thing happen to them.”

Brean: “You think they’re targeting the industry? People like you?”

VanDusen: “Yes. Absolutely. Delivery drivers.”

Who ever stole VanDusen’s money lives in the Westchester, New York, area. They charged his account at the Westchester Mall, the Apple Store and Foot Locker in the mall and a nearby Dunkin Donuts store.

VanDusen contacted me after he says DoorDash didn’t replenish his account.

I contacted DoorDash yesterday to let them know I was working on this and shared VanDusen’s information.

At 4:41pm VanDusen called to say DoorDash is getting his money back.

At 5:32pm we received the following statement from DoorDash:

“DoorDash takes the safety and security of our community extremely seriously. We’ve been in touch with this Dasher and offered voluntary support to defer the costs of this horrible incident.

“We are constantly improving our defenses to try to stay ahead of bad actors and help keep our community safe. We strongly remind all Dashers to always keep their DoorDash account and personal information secure. The most important thing to remember is to never share your DoorDash password with anyone. If you receive a request for a password or security code, please do not share it and contact DoorDash immediately.”